Thursday, April 7, 2011

Look Out! Volcano!

Ever tried building an indoor volcano? Not the mini, tabletop ones. We’re talking about one you can walk through and touch all kinds of weird volcanic rocks and soil, and emerge to see footage of Mount St. Helens erupting, then create a caldera (a crater-like volcanic collapse), and make magma rise at the touch of a button.

That’s what we’re up to now – speedily finishing the Volcano Country exhibit that opens Saturday. You’ll be awed by its magma-nificence.

But seriously, you will be amazed to see how, in 10 days, we have transformed the gallery where our live Butterflies exhibit had been. Gone are several tons of dirt, hundreds of plants and watering systems.

As you read this, our exhibits team is making Volcano Country all come together. David Werhane, exhibit preparator, is scaling up and down huge ladders. Glen Marcusen, exhibit design team lead, is waving his arms and scratching his head. Fabric designer Kimry Jelen is hunched over a sewing machine, making the towering, billowing volcano.

It’s all to put Oregon’s explosive geology at your fingertips, with hands-on ways to discover our area's fiery natural history. Come and explore it this weekend!

Presented by Bend Research with support from BendTel, Vernier Software & Technology. In coordination with Central Oregon Community College, Oregon Historical Society and Oregon Paleolands Institute.

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